Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, April 2015 – “Trauma Queens” Sue For $20M Each

This month’s lawsuit features two NYC 20-somethings looking to capitalize off of a tragic event and a lawyer who was happy for the opportunity to take advantage of the legal system.

After the tragic East Village gas explosion earlier this month, Lucie Bauermeister and Anna Ramotowska though unharmed from the blast felt they were owed compensation for the emotional trauma caused from the event- so they filed a lawsuit for $20million EACH. That’s $40 million dollars these two women, deemed “trauma queens” by the NY Post, are seeking for virtually zero physical injuries.


Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, March 2015 – Restaurant Sued for Sizzling Hot Fajitas

This month, Phoebe Stonbely will discuss an outrageous lawsuit from New Jersey. Hiram Jimenez, a New Jersey man, was visiting an Applebee’s in 2010 and ordered steak fajitas which, as advertised, were delivered to him on a sizzling hot skillet. Before enjoying their meal, the plaintiff and his brother bowed their heads to pray. Jimenez bowed his head directly over his sizzling hot plate resulting in burns from splattering grease – the shock lead to him knocking his plate into his lap causing further injuries.

So what did Jimenez do? He filed a lawsuit against Applebee’s claiming that the hot skillet was “a dangerous and hazardous condition” and alleged that he sustained serious and permanent personal injuries.


Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, February 2015 – Woman Sued Over Barking Dog

This month, Phoebe Stonbely discusses an outrageous lawsuit which shows that sometimes, a dog’s bark can be worse than it’s bite.

Denise Norton of Seattle is now risking losing her house after her neighbor sued her for emotional damages over her barking dog. He was awarded a default judgment for the lawsuit because she didn’t show up to court – to the tune of five hundred thousand dollars! Why didn’t she show up? Because when she got the lawsuit in the mail, she thought the whole thing was just so ridiculous it had to be bogus.


The Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month Jan. ’15: Woman Sues When Tights Don’t Cause Orgasm

Welcome to the first 2015 edition of the most outrageous lawsuit of the month.

This month’s lawsuit is not guaranteed to hit the spot.

This week, Phoebe Stonbely will discuss a lawsuit about, Mung Wang – a woman from Queens has brought a federal class action case against the tights manufacture KushyFoot – for $5 Million. Why you ask, because the tights did not give her an orgasm.


LRANY Video Series: Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month: Woman Sues Owners of Dog Killed by Her Dogs

This week, Phoebe Stonbely brings you the most ridiculous lawsuit for the month of December. A Texas woman filed a lawsuit for $1 million against the owners of a dog that was killed by her dogs.

This is a glaring example of just how sue happy our nation is.


LRANY Video Series: Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month October 2014 – Red Bull Wings Lawsuit Settled

This week, Phoebe Stonbely will discuss the recent settlement from Red Bull following a lawsuit claiming false advertising for the energy drinks slogan that “Red Bull gives you wings”.

This ridiculous lawsuit was settled by Red Bull to avoid the cost and distraction of litigation – for $13.5 MILLION DOLLARS

Now experts now predict that the high dollar settlement from Red Bull could start a tidal wave of more false advertising lawsuits looking for a similar big pay-day.


LRANY Video Series: The Cultural Impact of Lawsuits

This week on the LRANY Video Series, Tom Stebbins brings you a video on the cultural impact of lawsuits in New York.

We often touch on the economic impact that lawsuits have on our state but it starts with the cultural changes impacted by lawsuits. Lawsuits create a sue-happy mentality and fear of lawsuits continuously enacts changes in business practices, product development and even in our schools.


LRANY Video Series: Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month, September: Firefighter Sues Staten Island Homeowner

This week for the LRANY Video Series, Phoebe Stonbely Brings you the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit for the month of September.  A Staten Island home owner was relieved after what could have been a devastating fire when he accidentally placed paint cans too close to his furnace, only caused some smoke and minor charring.  However three years later, just week before the statute of limitations would expire, he received notice that he was being sued for injuries by one of the firefighters who had responded that day.


LRANY Video Series: E-Discovery Reform

This week on the LRANY Video Series, Tom Stebbins brings you a video on E-Discovery Reform.

Discovery of electronically stored information (ESI), such as emails and electronic documents, has become increasingly common and important in civil litigation. However, because of the daunting volume of ESI, discovery can be extremely costly and time consuming, and the tactic of making broad discovery requests is increasingly being used to pressure defendants to settle even the least meritorious cases.

LRANY supports legislation which would clarify requirements to preserve electronically stored information and implement checks on abusive electronic discovery tactics.