New York Post: Brew-haha

The New York Post published a letter from LRANY’s Adam Morey on Sunday, April 8, 2018:


The Post is correct that your daily coffee is still safe to consume, despite a judge’s ruling that coffee shops in California must display cancer warnings (“Don’t Fear the Java,” Editorial, April 3).

But this is more than a dubious decision from a crazy California courtroom: It represents a victory for the profiteering lawyers who brought the lawsuit.

Scientists disagree whether the chemical in question is a carcinogen, but a California-only law encourages lawyers to sue despite scientific uncertainty.

Such a law should worry New Yorkers. Gov. Cuomo has said the plaintiffs’ bar is “the most powerful political force in Albany.”

Perhaps it is time for legislators to rebuke the lawyers lobby, lest New York end up like California, where trial lawyers and warning-label crusaders have confined the state to its own alternate universe.

Adam Morey, Public Affairs Manager, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, Albany


LRANY Video Series – Too Much Ice in Starbucks ICED Beverages: Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month May 2016

This month Phoebe Stonbely will discuss a lawsuit puts the ICEing on the cake for ridiculous.

A Chicago woman has brought a $5M lawsuit against the coffee giant Starbucks for adding TOO much ice in their ice beverages.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association Announces Triumph Following Groundbreaking $50 Billion Verdict in Case of Man Suing Himself



April 1, 2016
For Immediate Release
Contact: Ben Suinlotz

New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association Announces Triumph Following Groundbreaking $50 Billion Verdict in Case of Man Suing Himself

(Albany) – Today, the New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association (NYSPILA) announced a victory for fairness in New York State as a Bronx jury awarded a landmark $50 billion to a New York county man in the case of Dipschitz v. Dipschitz. The verdict, issued on Wednesday night, orders Dipschitz to pay himself $30 billion in punitive damages, $10 billion for emotional distress, and $10 billion for loss of companionship.

The case was brought and defended by NYSPILA president Ben Suinlotz of Suinlotz & Winzalot law firm, who deemed the success a revolutionary ruling for widespread justice: “Today marks a new day for the integrity of our civil justice system, we as humans have the right to sue ourselves, and now our courts have finally seen the light to allow this. We hope to help many more plaintendants see due process of law. Furthermore,” Suinlotz continued, “our firm is able to double our fees by representing both sides in these cases, now that’s real justice, redistributing wealth into the pockets of the personal injury trial lawyers who deserve it most.”

Plaintiff, and defendant, Eyema Dipschitz, brought the case against himself after suffering third degree heartburn, among other debilitating ailments, from ‘inferno’ chicken wings that he had made for himself with the top four hottest peppers on the Scoville scale. Though only found to be 2% responsible, Dipschitz was still required to pay himself 100% of the judgement under the doctrine of joint-and-several liability.

NYSPILA, which represents nearly 10,000 New York personal injury attorneys, is honored to be run by the counselor who achieved this cutting-edge initiative which is predicted to deliver an influx of lawyers into New York. “Sure, we’ve got the most lawyers per capita of any state. But we can always do better. Allowing individuals to commandeer both sides of a lawsuit is an important step toward achieving that goal,” Suinlotz explained.

According to Suinlotz, success wasn’t about a number, but about changing lives, “many lawsuits have not been brought as the law was unclear on the outcome of a plaintendant suit, this ruling changes that discrepancy.” The NYSPILA president also urged readers to contact his law office if they or a loved one has suffered any injury or misfortune. “It doesn’t matter how minor – I can practically guarantee you a cash settlement!”

# # #

The New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association (NYSPILA) is a completely biased for-their-own-profit association of personal injury lawyers dedicated to creating an imbalance in New York’s civil justice system and increasing the opportunities to file jackpot justice lawsuits.

They also hate puppies. This entire release is complete satire.

DYK: Utah has actually allowed for this type of case to be brought in their courts:

See PDF Release Here

STATEMENT: LRANY Executive Director Response to $10M Dismissal of P!nk Cover Band Suit



March 30, 2016

$10 Million “Ugly” Lawsuit Dismissed, but Highlights Need for Legislative Change

“While we are thrilled that the lawsuit against Collette McLafferty has been dismissed, it is a tragic indictment of our system that this case was not dismissed years ago. Collette has incurred tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees from a man she has never met, and her courtroom struggle continues as she now has to go to court yet again, in hopes of recovering her legal fees.

Further, we are disappointed the court denied Collette’s “abuse of process” claim. Collette’s case received international attention precisely because its abusive nature. If this case does not constitute an abuse of process, what case does? The bar of what constitutes abuse under New York law seems so high that we have to wonder if there is any bar at all.

This lawsuit so clearly illustrates the dire need for legislative action to guide our courts and prevent people like Collette from being exploited by our legal system and those who abuse it.”

-Tom Stebbins, Executive Director, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York

#  #  #

Contact: Phoebe Stonbely | | 518.512.5265  

The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY) is a nonpartisan not-for-profit association of businesses, professionals, healthcare providers, membership organizations, taxpayers, and concerned citizens committed to changing New York’s legal system to help create jobs and energize our economy.

Collette McLafferty Maintains Strength in Fight Against Abusive Lawsuit

collette speaking lrany 2Collette McLafferty, the professional singer who was sued for $10 million back in 2014 for being “too unattractive” for a P!nk tribute band, has not given up her fight. The lawsuit abuse victim turned lawsuit reform advocate continues to combat this frivolous lawsuit while simultaneously pushing for legislation to minimize abusive lawsuits.

From the beginning of her battle, Collette has been determined to keep her story in the press to help educate others about her lawsuit and New York’s broken civil justice system. Just this week, she earned recognition in The Huffington Post, with an article by a HuffPo writer who also works with Funded Justice.

After hearing Collette’s story, LRANY developed ‘Collette’s Law,’ legislation that takes aim at frivolous lawsuits by requiring those who file meritless actions to pay the other party’s legal costs, as well as increasing sanctions for those who file frivolous lawsuits.

While many lawsuit abuse victims settle, Collette is fighting. Unfortunately despite the obvious meritless nature of this lawsuit, Collette has incurred thousands of dollars in legal costs. She is currently raising money to cover the remaining $3,500 in legal costs through Funded Justice, a crowdfunding group that helps anyone with a legal issue who needs money to hire an attorney.

In a video, which can be found on her campaign page, Collette titles these funds “a contribution to ending the culture of frivolous lawsuits in New York.” LRANY has been honored to work with Collette over the last few years and to have found such a strong advocate for change. We encourage you to take a look at her campaign page and show your support.

See her campaign page with a video here

See The Huffington Post article here

Write a message to your elected official to support Collette’s Law here

The Results Are In! The Winner of the Most Outrageous Lawsuit for 2015 Is…

You voted and the results are in! The winner of the Most Outrageous Lawsuit for 2015 is…’Woman Sues When Tights Don’t Cause Orgasm’ – watch below:

Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, November 2015 – Taylor Swift Sued for $42 Million

This month, Phoebe Stonbely discusses a lawsuit that centers around one of America’s most loved pop stars, Taylor Swift.

Musician, Jesse Braham, filed a $42 million copyright suit in California district court claiming the lyrics to Swift’s hit song “Shake it Off” were stolen from a song he wrote titled “haters gonna hate,” claiming the songs had a 92% similarity.

The judge in this case did not agree, quickly dismissing the lawsuit and even quoting some TaySwift in her dismissal.


Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, October 2015: NYC Aunt Sues Her Own Nephew

This month, LRANY’s Phoebe Stonbely will discuss a lawsuit that gained public outrage as soon as it hit the press. Earlier this month, the news that a NYC aunt was suing her own nephew for an overzealous hug at his 8th birthday party began to take over headlines.

Jennifer Connell brought the case against her nephew in Connecticut court seeking $127,000 for medical expenses relating to a broken wrist caused by the “forceful greeting” which occurred 4 yrs ago.