NY Post: Wheelchair-bound man who sues inaccessible shops can walk

The New York Post reporters exposed Arik Matatov, the serial disability lawsuit filer the paper covered earlier in the week, as not someone who requires a wheel chair to get around: A worker at men’s clothing store Ari in Soho — which Matatov threatened after finding its portable ramp was too small for his chair […]

NY Post: Wheelchair-bound man demands $50K from inaccessible shops

The New York Post reports that a man has sued or sent demand letters to 49 businesses for alleged lack of accessibility for the disabled:   He wouldn’t say how much Matatov has collected in settlements but boasted that 10 business have made their entrances accessible in response to his demands. Steven Kirkpatrick, a lawyer […]

Forbes: Losing Streak Emerges As NYC, Hired Guns Defeated In Climate Change Case By Big Oil

LRANY’s statement on the dismissal of New York’s climate change lawsuit against the fossil fuel companies was picked up by Forbes/Legal Newsline: Resisting these lawsuits have been several Republican state attorneys general and the Trump administration. Opposition to the cases argues that is the job of the legislative and executive branches to regulate greenhouse gases. Where […]