2021-2022 Legislative Memos:


A.5599 (Galef) / S.4848 (REICHLIN-MELNICK) Statements of apology by medical providers

A.2016 (Barrett) / S.678 (HARCKHAM) Permitted persons liability

A.5016 (McDonald) / S.3250 (SANDERS) Interest on judgments

A.1270 (Magnarelli) / S.705 (KAPLAN) Regulation of lawsuit lending

S.87 (GIANARIS) Recovery for personal injury while committing a crime


A.2199 (Cruz) / S.473 (HOYLMAN) Relates to interest on judgments

A.6770 (Weinstein) / S.74 (HOYLMAN) Expansion of wrongful death claims

A.7285 (Weinstein) / S.6813 (RAMOS) Private rights of action for insurance “bad faith”

S.3516 (BAILEY) Private lawsuits for insurance “bad faith”

A.4849 (Cruz) / S.3528 (BENJAMIN) Allows for Pre-judgment Interest in Personal Injury Actions

A.2495A (Niou) / S.6414 (COMRIE) Consumer and small business protection act

A.2681 (Reyes) / S.1034A (GIANARIS) Occupational Exposure to Airborne Infectious Disease

A.3315 (Dilan) / S.5735 (COMRIE) Relates to consumer litigation financing

A.2543 (Weinstein) / S.4730 (KRUEGER) Expansion of the false claims act 

A.5779 (Glick) / S.6027A (BRISPORT) Expansion of damages for companion animals

A.2261 (Simon) / S.5394 (PARKER) Environmental conservation private citizens lawsuits

A.2265 (Niou) / S.298 (THOMAS) Cause of action for medical monitoring

A.1490 (Dinowitz) Ex parte interviews in medical liability claims

A.3024 (Dinowitz) Liability for non-settling defendants

A.3486 (Dinowitz) / S. 5152 (SKOUFIS) Recoveries against third parties

A.680 (Rosenthal) / S.6701 (THOMAS) Relates to enacting NY privacy act

A.1812 (Dinowitz) / S.933A (GIANARIS) Authorizes anti-trust class-actions

A.2506 (Weinstein) Expansion of false claims

A.390 (Braunstein) / S.128 (LIU) Voiding COVID-19 liability agreements

A.1464 (Dinowitz) / S.697 (HOYLMAN) Prohibited arbitration agreements and provisions

A.7121 (Kelles) / S. 1119 (SANDERS)  Relates to the waiver of sovereign immunity for ADA


Summary judgment interest veto letter

Venue Act opposition letter

Medical interest on judgments support letter to the Governor

Deceptive acts

Business interest on judgments support to legislature

Business regulations opposition

Business interest on judgments support

Municipal interest on judgments support

Anti – SLAPP bill support

COVID liability reform

COVID reopening liability protections

Labor law 240 moratorium letter

Labor law 240 executive budget


2021 City Council ADA testimony

2021 Interest on judgments testimony

The Senate Standing Committee on Consumer Protection & The Senate Committee on Internet and Technology: relates to enacting NY privacy act

2020-2021 Executive Budget: legislative hearing regarding health and Medicaid

2020 COVID-19 Nursing home hearing testimony

2020 Antitrust hearing testimony

2019-2020 Legislative Memos:


A.7146  (Shimminger) / S.9043 (SANDERS) Interest on judgments reform

A.5991 (Weinstein) / S.52A (HOYLMAN) Anti-SLAPP 2020

A.3737 (McDonald) Scaffold law reform

PPGG Part T (Budget) Judgment interest rate reform

A.7277 (Rosenthal) / S.6361 (CARLUCCI) Liability protection information on first aid opioid antagonists

A.53 (Buchwald) Truth & fairness in asbestos litigation


A.11066 (Weinstein) / S.8872 (HOYLMAN) False claims

A.7595 (Weinstein) / S.6352 (KAPLAN) Consent to general jurisdiction

A.2370 (Dinowitz) Ex parte interviews in medical liability claims

A.679C (Niou) / S.2407C (COMRIE) Expansion of the general business law

A.2373 (Dinowitz) / S.6552 (SKOUFIS) Recoveries against third parties

A.5623A (Weinstein) / S.6216 (BAILEY) Private lawsuits for insurance “bad faith”

A.2372 (Dinowitz) / S.6081 (HOYLMAN) Liability for non-settling defendants

A.8526 (Rosenthal) / S. 5642 (THOMAS)  Relates to enacting NY privacy act

A.10427 (Kim) / S.8497 (BIAGGI)   Repeal of article 30-D section 3082 of New York public health law

A.8304 (Dinowitz) / S.6334A (HOYLMAN) Expands class actions

A.5629 (Weinstein) / S.3634 (BRESLIN) Private rights of action for insurance “bad faith”