2019-2020 Legislative Memos:


S.52A (Hoylman) / A.5991 (Weinstein) Anti-Slapp 2020

S.9043 (Sanders) / A.7146 (Shimminger) Interest on Judgments Reform

S.4555 (Kaplan) / A.6764 (Magnarelli) Regulation of lawsuit lending

A.3737 (McDonald) Scaffold Law reform

PPGG Part T (Budget) Judgment interest rate reform

S.6361 (Carlucci) / A.7277 (Rosenthal) Liability protection information on first aid opioid antagonists

A.53 (Buchwald) Truth & fairness in asbestos litigation


S.8872 (Hoylman) / A.11066 (Weinstein) False claims

S.6352 (Kaplan) / A.7595 (Weinstein) Consent to general jurisdiction

S.8587 (Liu) Voiding COVID-19 Liability Agreements

A.2370 (Dinowitz) Ex parte interviews in medical liability claims

S.2407C (Comrie) / A.679C (Niou) Expansion of the general business law

S.3684 (Hoylman) /A.3265 (Dinowitz) Prohibited arbitration agreements and provisions

S.4006 (Hoylman) / A.5612 (Weinstein) Expansion of wrongful death claims

S.6552 (Skoufis) / A.2373 (Dinowitz) Recoveries against third parties

S.6216 (Bailey) / A.5623A (Weinstein) Private lawsuits for insurance “bad faith”

S.6081 (Hoylman) / A.2372 (Dinowitz) Liability for non-settling defendants

S. 5208 (Sanders) / A.0192(Lifton) Relates to the waiver of sovereign immunity for ADA

S. 5642 (Thomas) / A.8526 (Rosenthal)  Relates to enacting NY privacy act

S.8497 (Biaggi) / A.10427 (Kim) Repeal of article 30-D section 3082 of New York public health law

S.6334A (Hoylman) / A.8304 (Dinowitz) Expands class actions

S.3634 (Breslin) / A.5629 (Weinstein) Private rights of action for insurance “bad faith”


Anti – SLAPP Bill Support

COVID Liability Reform

COVID Reopening Liability Protections

Labor Law 240 Moratorium Letter

Labor Law 240 Executive Budget


The Senate Standing Committee on Consumer Protection & The Senate Committee on Internet and Technology: relates to enacting NY privacy act

2020-2021 Executive Budget: legislative hearing regarding health and Medicaid

2020 COVID-19 Nursing Home Hearing Testimony

2020 Antitrust Hearing Testimony