NYLR Executive Director Testifies at NYS Senate Hearing on Medical Malpractice

New Yorkers for Lawsuit Reform testified last week at a hearing on Medical Malpractice Reform in front of the New York State Senate’s Standing committees on Insurance, Health and Codes.  Click here to see a copy of our testimony (PDF file.  Right click and select “Save As” to download it to your computer).  To view the whole hearing, click here.  (Caution.  The whole video is more than four hours long).

Lockport Newspaper Agrees with Rochester and NYLR: Stop Ignoring Legal Reform

The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal agrees with the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and reruns the D&C editorial on their pages in an endorsement of New Yorkers for Lawsuit Reform’s position.  Click here  to see the story.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: “New York’s Legal System Needs Reform”

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle agrees that the time is now to reform New York’s outdated and costly legal system.  “Specifically, New York must do something about the high cost of lawsuits and high-tort litigation risks. They’re costing taxpayers millions of dollars in higher taxes and increased costs for goods, insurance and health care.”

The full editorial can be found here.

New Yorkers for Lawsuit Reform’s executive director, Mark Kriss, also penned an op-ed for the paper which can be found here.

Syracuse Post Standard Agrees That New York’s Lawsuit Climate is Costing Us Too Much

We’re thrilled that the study conducted by Pacific Research Institute has gotten so much attention throughout the State. Today’s Syracuse Post Standard editorial agrees with the conclusion: New York’s lawsuit climate and legal system is costing all of us … way too much.

New York Media Already Paying Attention

We got some great media coverage from the introduction of our study last week which detailed the true cost to every New Yorker of our State’s lawsuit system. Click here to see some recent media coverage.  We’ve been out meeting with New Yorkers across the State to build up our coalition to prepare for a bigger fight. Look here soon for more information.

New Yorkers for Lawsuit Reform To Unveil New Independent Study Detailing Cost of New York’s Legal System

On Tuesday, November 17, 2009, New Yorkers for Lawsuit Reform (NYLR) will be unveiling a new independent study conducted by the Pacific Research Institute which will detail the full scope and cost of New York’s legal system.  The report also provides suggestions for ways to make real and meaningful reforms in New York which could help solve the state’s systemic budget problems.

Check back here on Tuesday afternoon and throughout the coming weeks to learn more about the study and the efforts of New Yorkers for Lawsuit Reform to educate the public about this critical issue for all New Yorkers.