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Transparency in Private Attorney Contracting

  The Issue The past decade has witnessed dramatic increase in the use of private contingency fee attorneys on behalf of the state. While State use of private sector legal services makes sense in  some instances, there is currently little transparency regarding the use of private sector attorneys by the State, creating a potential for […]


LRANY Video Series: Transparency in Private Attorney Contracting (TiPAC)

This week on the LRANY Video Series, Tom Stebbins brings you a video on transparency in provate attorney contracting, also known as TiPAC. In New York, the Attorney General is not required to make public the information regarding contracting outside counsel, which could lead to abuse. The past decade has witnessed dramatic increase in the […]


Transparency is an Issue for NYC Comptroller

Lawyers get Liu-bricated is the title of a article recently featured in the New York Post.  The article illuminated a disturbing trend in the New York City Comptroller’s office – hiring private attorneys to handle public business without properly disclosing such matters. Certainly, from time to time, there is a need to hire outside support for the […]


Asbestos Proven to Cause Judicial Insanity

By: Michael Seinberg We all know that exposure to asbestos can cause all sorts of nasty health problems, but a new ruling by a New York Supreme Court justice now shows that even talking about the substance can have serious mental repercussions. It seems one Ronald Dummitt and his very talented lawyer sued Crane Co. […]