Statement From Lawsuit Reform Alliance Of New York Executive Director Tom Stebbins On Mayor De Blasio’s Earth Day Lawsuit

“Mayor de Blasio and his friends at the trial bar are at it again. Just weeks after the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit tossed his administration’s climate change lawsuit de Blasio has hired a new set of money-chasing attorneys to once again sue energy companies.

Not only is this lawsuit likely to replay the fate of the last, the scrambled legal strategy also calls to mind the politically motivated and ultimately failed investigation and litigation launched against Exxon Mobil by disgraced ex-NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

This latest lawsuit is just another posturing ploy engineered by profit-hungry plaintiffs’ lawyers looking for the next litigation jackpot. If Mayor de Blasio is serious about action on climate change, his administration should focus on advancing innovative solutions in New York City.  That action would have far greater effects on reducing our carbon footprint than frivolous lawsuits that the courts in New York have already dismissed three times.”

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