NY Post: Wheelchair-bound man who sues inaccessible shops can walk

The New York Post reporters exposed Arik Matatov, the serial disability lawsuit filer the paper covered earlier in the week, as not someone who requires a wheel chair to get around:

A worker at men’s clothing store Ari in Soho — which Matatov threatened after finding its portable ramp was too small for his chair to get up two steps — said he hopes there are consequences.

“These people should be prosecuted for hurting businesses for no reason. There is no merit to this case,” said the employee, who wouldn’t give his name.

“That lawyer should be barred from practicing law,” he added.

Tom Stebbins of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, which is working to eliminate nuisance suits, said the scheme makes “a mockery of the legal profession and the civil justice system.”

“The New York attorney general and the Department of Justice should keep a close eye on these serial filers — in both state and federal courts — and the lawyers at the lawsuit mills that recruit them,” he said.

“The fraud and abuse in this system must be stopped so these laws can be returned to their noble intentions,” he said.

Neiman and Matatov wouldn’t be the first people accused of gaming the Americans with Disabilities Act with dozens of suits.

Read the full story here.

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