NY Post: What’s at stake in those climate-change lawsuits against Big Oil

The New York Post published an op-ed from LRANY’s Adam Morey about how mayors and law firms are working together to sue fossil fuel companies, but federal judges are questioning the far-reaching legal theory that these energy producers can be held accountable for climate change:

Last week a federal judge in California rejected the lawsuits filed by the cities of Oakland and San Francisco against the world’s largest fossil-fuel companies for allegedly causing climate change. The ruling deals a stunning blow to the mayors — like Mayor de Blasio — and private law firms who have waged a coordinated attack on the big oil companies in courtrooms around the country.

But will those profit-seeking lawyers and the mayors they recruit learn their lesson? Let’s hope so.

If they prevail, the outcome will enrich lawyers to the detriment of energy consumers everywhere.

Contingency-fee lawyers in search of the next big litigation jackpot are attempting to politicize the civil-justice system. They’ve set their sights on deep pockets and an important component of the global economy — oil. But, as with all political debates, climate policy should be decided in the state house, not the courthouse.

Read the full op-ed here.

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