PRESS RELEASE: Civil Justice Advocate Calls for Dismissal of NY Climate Lawsuit


June 13, 2018

Lawsuit Reform Alliance Calls for Court to Dismiss Climate Lawsuit


“Profit-seeking trial lawyers should not be making public policy in the courts.”


ALBANY— Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York executive director Tom Stebbins called on Southern District of New York Judge Keenan to dismiss the climate lawsuit filed by New York City against energy companies ahead of oral arguments in Manhattan federal court on the matter today:

“Our state is already a haven for excessive litigation and this kind of lawsuit only adds to the problem.  Trial lawyers are weaponizing the legal system and stretching tort law far beyond its purposes in search of the golden goose.

“The same plaintiffs’ firm involved in the New York City lawsuit – Seattle-based Hagens Berman – is involved in the lawsuits filed by San Francisco, Oakland, and King County in Washington State.  This plaintiffs’ firm stands to profit substantially if any of these absurd cases are settled.  And while out of state trial attorneys enrich themselves on massive contingency fee arrangements, New York’s energy consumers will pay the bill.

“Profit-seeking trial lawyers should not be making public policy in the courts. That is not the role of our judiciary, but the domain of Congress and state legislatures. These frivolous lawsuits clog our already-burdened legal system and will do nothing to actually solve the problem. As such, we strongly support dismissal of the New York City lawsuit.”


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