New York Post: Ridiculous class-action lawsuits are costing you tons of money

The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York’s Adam Morey was quoted in the New York Post for an article about the costs of the class-action system and how lawyers often walk away with more than the class of plaintiffs:

A shortened Subway “footlong” is simply the result of bread baking up thicker in the oven, not less food, courts found.

“In their haste to file suit … the lawyers neglected to consider whether the claims had any merit. They did not,” Judge Lynn Adelman wrote in an August ruling tossing the planned settlement, which would have paid consumers nothing.

“The idea of a class action is to somehow protect the consumer and to make injured parties whole,” said Adam Morey of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York. “That’s not happening if the majority of the money goes to the lawyers.”

Read the full article here.


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