Forbes – Media Beware: ‘Shakedown’ Lawyer Suing The Industry Over Videos Without Closed Captioning

LRANY’s Tom Stebbins was recently quoted in an article in Forbes focused on a new wave in ADA lawsuit abuse.

An excerpt:

‘“We’ve seen restaurants, retailers and colleges hit with these website lawsuits,” said Tom Stebbins, the executive director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York.

“Now the same lawyers are going after the media? Filing a flurry of lawsuits to cash in on quick settlements is not going to increase access for the disabled.”

Such lawsuits have become popular in recent years as the Department of Justice has delayed formal regulations. Those regulations, which will determine how to make a website compliant with the ADA, were first announced in 2010 but won’t be issued until next year, at the earliest.’

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