Stebbins in The New York Times – “lawyers taking advantage of a good-intentioned law to make money.”

LRANY’s Tom Stebbins was quoted in The New York Times in an article focusing on the growing trend of ADA lawsuits for website accessibility – most recently against a string of colleges.

“The result of these conflicting rulings is a legal gray area ripe for, depending on your viewpoint, either significant civil rights advances or exploitation by lawyers looking to make a quick buck through settlements, said Tom Stebbins, executive director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York.

Absent clarity from the federal government, Mr. Stebbins said, some lawyers have filed identical lawsuits against multiple businesses or universities in the hopes of reaching a settlement with one or more of them. .

“’These are cut-and-paste lawsuits,” he said. “You just have these lawyers taking advantage of a good-intentioned law to make money.'”

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