*LRANY STATEMENT* Re: Tappan Zee Bridge Opening

August 24, 2017
Contact: Phoebe Stonbely


RE: Tappan Zee Bridge Opening

“As Governor Cuomo celebrates the completion of the new Tappan Zee Bridge, he should next set his sights on fixing New York’s ‘Scaffold Law.’ Experts estimate the law wasted up to $400 million in public money on this project alone.

Advocates from every sector of the state’s economy –  the Conference of Mayors, Manufacturers Association, Habitat for Humanity, New York State Association for Affordable Housing, New York State Farm Bureau, and 70+ other organizations –  have joined me in stressing the importance of reforming the costly ‘Scaffold Law’ since construction of the new bridge began five years ago. In fact, fixing the Scaffold Law was originally recommended by a liability reform task force put together by the late Governor Mario Cuomo.

Now, as more transportation infrastructure is in dire need of repair and Governor Cuomo continues to build like Robert Moses, he and the legislature must finally act. New York taxpayers cannot afford to keep lining the trial lawyers’ pockets to the detriment of everyone else.”

-Tom Stebbins, Executive Director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York


The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY) is a nonpartisan not-for-profit association of businesses, professionals, healthcare providers, membership organizations, taxpayers, and concerned citizens committed to changing New York’s legal system to help create jobs and energize our economy.


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