Albany Times Union — Supporters Wrong About Sex Abuse Statute Change

The Albany Times Union has published a letter this week written by LRANY’s Executive Director. This letter discusses a difficult matter where current proposed legislation is only a solution looking for a problem.

An excerpt:

“In Chris Churchill’s column, ‘Two moments illustrate one sorry disconnect,’ June 25, he suggests that retroactively eliminating the civil statute of limitations for sexual abuse is “about protecting children.” That may be what advocates claim but, unfortunately, that is not what the proposal would do.

The bill would create a one year ‘reviver window’ to file previously time-barred civil claims, not criminal charges. New York has already eliminated the statute of limitations for most felony sex crimes, a reform that may actually have value in getting these monsters off the street. Civil cases would have no such value, as the target is usually the institution, not the offender. In fact, after enactment of similar legislation in California, 336 claims against the state’s largest Catholic dioceses alleged abuse by deceased people.”

Read full letter here

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