Elmira Star-Gazette — Scaffold Law in Need of Reform

The Elmira Star-Gazette recently published a letter written by LRANY’s Executive Director. This piece is in response to an article which failed to mention the trial lawyers as the primary opposition to Scaffold Law law reform.

An excerpt:

“The Elmira Star-Gazette, Ithaca Journal and Rochester Democrat and Chronicle are right to identify the “Scaffold Law” as one of the primary regulations that makes New York so hostile to business (“Why is it so costly to do business in NY? Here are four hurdles,” June 7). The law, which only exists in New York, holds contractors and property owners liable for injuries even if they had nothing to do with the accident.

However, the paper inaccurately identifies labor unions as the primary force that opposes Scaffold Law reform. It comes as no surprise that those who profit from injuries are most opposed to fixing this costly law: the personal injury trial lawyers.”

Read full letter here

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