New York Post —There’s No Actual Veggies in ‘Veggie Straws’: Suit

As the courtroom food fights continue, the New York Post published an article this week showcasing the latest suit against a maker of Veggie Straws for not containing any Veggies. LRANY’s Tom Stebbins was quoted in this article.

An excerpt:

“Two snack-loving men have sued Hain Celestial Group after discovering there are no actual vegetables in the company’s popular Garden Veggie Straws.

The snack food, which claims to have 30 percent less fat than potato chips, comes in bags with photos of spinach, a tomato and a potato on the front.

‘These courtroom food fights are not about consumer protection,” said Tom Stebbins, executive director, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, adding that the Hain suit is “just another absurd cash grab by money-hungry trial lawyers.'”

Read full article here

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