Times Union Letter: Uber Quashed for Monetary Reasons

The Albany Times Union recently published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Adam Morey pointing to the trial lawyers influence on preventing the passage of ride-sharing upstate and the devastating consequences this action had for the people of New York.

An excerpt:

“By partnering with Uber to provide free sober rides for its employees, local beverage distributor DeCrescente Distributing Co. is making an admirable step in the right direction (“Uber, business reach a pact,” Dec. 20). Unfortunately, this will remain a symbolic gesture until the Legislature approves a bill allowing ride-sharing services to operate upstate.

As the Times Union previously reported, the measure passed the Senate in June, but the powerful New York State Trial Lawyers Association — seeking to profit from potential lawsuits — pushed legislators to raise insurance coverage limits causing the bill to stall in the Assembly. According to Politico, a similar situation unfolded in New Jersey: A trial lawyers’ lobbyist pressured lawmakers to amend a ride-sharing proposal and it was pulled from a vote at the last minute.”

Read full letter here

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