The Progressive Policy Institute: The Strain of Excessive Litigation on Municipal Budgets

The Progressive Policy Institute posted a piece written by LRANY’s Executive Director and PPI Center for Civil Justice advisory board member, Tom Stebbins. His post focuses on how excessive litigation in New York takes away from the city’s municipal offerings as it is often forced to settle lawsuits to save time and money, regardless of the suit’s merit.

An Excerpt:

“In this month’s issue, Governing magazine highlighted the costs of civil litigation on American cities. The magazine found that New York City spends $720 million on lawsuits every year, more than the next nineteen other cities combined. The city that never sleeps is often sued, handling 9,500 cases in the last fiscal year. The fact that New York City far out paces all other American cities in litigation volume and costs may not be a surprise, but what is alarming to many New Yorkers is that this cost is more than the combined budgets of the Parks and Recreation Department and the Department of Buildings.”

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