The Buffalo News – Letter: Repealing Scaffold Law is common-sense reform

The Buffalo News Recently published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Phoebe Stonbely. The letter called for reform of the antiquated Scaffold Law, pointing to it’s role in the infrastructure crisis in our state.

An excerpt:

“New York is no stranger to infrastructure concerns, so it is not surprising that the state ranked just five spots from the bottom for the worst roads in the nation, as reported in the Sept. 25 article, “New York’s roads in deep rut, ranked 45th in nation.” Listed even further behind on spending per road mile, this is indicative of a crisis.

All construction in the state, even road work, is impacted by the inequities of the costly Scaffold Law, a law that exists only in New York. Due to this unfair law, many insurance companies have fled the state completely, and the few left have been forced to charge prohibitive premiums. Indeed, a large portion of the funds allocated for building are ultimately wasted on insurance and litigation.”

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