The Journal News -Trial Lawyers Halt Push for Uber and Lyft: View

Today, The Journal News published an op-ed written by LRANY’s Adam Morey discussing the trial lawyers’ sabotage of ride sharing upstate.

An excerpt:

Despite a 70-percent approval rating and support from New York’s elected Democrats and Republicans alike, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft still cannot operate outside of the five boroughs. This tragic legislative inaction is a testament to what happens when the powerful trial lawyers’ lobby gets involved in policy making.

This year, both houses of the state Legislature were poised to pass a bill allowing the app-based transportation networks to operate upstate and on Long Island. The measure was approved by the Republican-led Senate on June 17th, but the Assembly version was amended at the last minute to include excessively high insurance limits. Soon after, the press revealed that the New York State Trial Lawyers Association was behind the push for higher insurance limits.”

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