The Syracuse Post Standard: Legal Reforms Can Make NY a Friendlier Place for Doctors

adamToday, The Syracuse Post Standard published commentary from LRANY’s Government Affairs Specialist, Adam Morey. The piece titled ‘Legal Reforms Can Make NY a Friendlier Place for Doctors‘ focused on a recent article covering a report naming New York as the second worst in the nation for doctors. In this editorial, Adam explains what drivers are pushing doctors out of our state.

An excerpt:

“It is no shock that New York is ranked so close to the bottom of the list of states for doctors to work (“NY second worst place in nation for doctors, study says,”March 29). Nearly 20 percent of all the medical liability payouts in the U.S. are paid in New York, an amount totaling more than the medical liability payouts for the whole Midwest. The fact is, the state’s high medical liability costs drive away medical professionals, reduce competition and weaken access to medical care for New Yorkers from Buffalo to Montauk.

The dominance of the trial lawyers lobby in New York state politics is largely to blame – in 2014 Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Crain’s editorial board that “the trial lawyers are the single most powerful political force in Albany.” Not only do law firms and their associated PACs pour millions into the campaign coffers of the state’s elected officials, some legislators – like convicted former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – are themselves personal injury trial lawyers; Silver was well known to carry the agenda of the lawyer’s lobby, blocking common-sense reform measures from ever coming to the floor.”

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