New York Post Op-Ed – Even with Shelly Silver in Prison, New Yorkers Will Still Pay for His Legal Corruption

Lawsuit_1-6236Today, the New York Post published an Op-Ed written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, highlighting the cost to New Yorkers left after Silver’s decades long reign over Albany and the need to make “New York a great place for all New Yorkers, not just the lawyers who sue us.”

An excerpt:

“If you think you aren’t paying for years of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s (legal) corruption, think again. For decades, Silver carried water for the trial lawyers in Albany, and even when he’s in prison, we’ll all still be stuck with the bill.

New York City taxpayers are on track to shell out over $800 million annually for lawsuit claims by fiscal year 2017-2018, according to a recent city comptroller report. That’s more than the city pays for parks, libraries and the Department of Aging combined.” 

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