LRANY Letter, The Journal News – Fight Corruption, Reform Scaffold Law

tom speaking lobby day scaffoldToday, The Journal News published a letter written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins. This letter focused on the opportunity for Scaffold Law reform to become a reality in the wake of the Sheldon Silver conviction.

An excerpt:

“If Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature are serious about expunging the corruption of the Sheldon Silver-era, they must look to reform the ridiculous trial lawyer-giveaway known as the ‘Scaffold Law.’

The Scaffold Law exists only in New York state and, confusingly, does not necessarily have anything to do with scaffolds. What it does is hold contractors and property owners automatically liable in a lawsuit, even if, in the words of the high court, ‘they had nothing to do with the plaintiff’s accident.'”

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