Gotham Gazette Op-Ed – After Silver: Legal Reform is Ethics Reform

The Gotham Gazette published an Op-Ed today written by LRANY’s Execuitve Director, Thomas Stebbins. The Op-Ed focuses on the recent conviction of Sheldon Silver and the necessary reforms which must now be advanced now that his influence is no longer ruling Albany.

An excerpt:

“For decades it was an open secret in Albany that the New York Assembly was functionally controlled by the trial lawyers. Sheldon Silver, the former Assembly Speaker, was known to have a lucrative “of counsel” position with the powerhouse trial lawyer firm Weitz & Luxenberg, and most Albany insiders believed that Mr. Silver would not do anything to jeopardize that income. Governor Cuomo himself stated that the trial lawyers were the “single most powerful political force in Albany,” no doubt in partial reference to Mr. Silver’s position as an employee at a trial lawyer firm.

With the trial and subsequent conviction of Mr. Silver on corruption charges, we now know that the former speaker did virtually no real legal work to earn his “of counsel” income. What he did do was carry the legislative water for the trial lawyers, and we as New Yorkers are left with a state ravaged by lawsuits and litigation.”

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