“Like a Ton of Bricks” – New York Daily News Letter to the Editor

scaffold-law-reform-new-york-state-reduce-injuryThe New York Daily News recently published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Phoebe E. Stonbely.  The letter was in response to an article highlighting NYCHA’s push for tenant jobs in Superstorm Sandy rebuilding and brought to light the wasted funds due to inaction of reforming the ‘Scaffold Law.’


Like a Ton of Bricks
Albany: Great piece highlighting NYCHA’s Superstorm Sandy rebuilding (“Pushing for tenant jobs,” Sept. 16). One thing the article failed to note, however, is that much of the $3 billion repair fund will be wasted due to the only-in-New York Scaffold Law, which holds contractors fully liable in a lawsuit for most workplace injuries, regardless of the employee’s negligence. Disaster relief organizations like Habitat for Humanity identified the law as a major impediment to rebuilding efforts. Phoebe E. Stonbely

See full published letter here.

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