NYDN EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of Workers’ Compensation Suits Filed in Bronx Could Clog Courts, Advocates Say

Law school Gavel Books ScalesThe New York Daily News recently published an exclusive featuring commentary from LRANY’s Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.  The article focused on the hundreds of workers’ compensation suits have been filed in the Bronx that could clog the courts.

An excerpt:

“‘If successful, this would unleash legal Armageddon,’ Tom Stebbins of the watchdog group Lawsuit Reform Alliance said of the slew of cases a Bronx judge is now weighing whether to keep on the borough’s Civil Court docket.

The lawyers who filed the suits, from the firm Lewin & Baglio, claim medical providers have been stymied within the State Workers’ Compensation Board following a 2007 tweak to state law allowed such companies to bill insurance firms directly — slowing down payments. All of the suits seek less than $25,000 in damages.

“The door to recovery for pharmacies and durable medical providers has been locked for too long,” Lewin told the Daily News.

Aghast insurance firms and legal watchdogs feel the cases should be resolved by the Workers’ Compensation Board and have no place before a Bronx jury. The cases are ‘frivolous,’ Stebbins said.”

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