Session Ends – Trial Lawyer Bills Thwarted

By: Tom Stebbins

ts ctLast night, the tumultuous 2015 legislative session came to a close. We are pleased to report that, with your help and support, all the trial lawyer’s priority bills were stopped, and their liability-expanding agenda did not come to pass.

In the last days of the session, you, our supporters, sent hundreds of letters to your elected officials to express your opposition to the trial lawyer agenda. Your support bolstered our media campaign, which included interviews with several local TV and radio stations, including the affiliates of NBC, CBS and NPR. You can watch one of those interviews on line here, and keep up to date on our media activity at our media center.

There is still a long way to go. New York is still the lawsuit capital of the world. We are hopeful that next session we can begin to undue all of the damage the trial lawyers have done over the years. You can help. Send us an email, connect with us on Linkedin or Twitter, or just give us a call to find out how.

Tom Stebbins

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