The New York Times: Albany’s Worst Offense

NYSCapitolPanoramaToday, The New York Times published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas Stebbins.  This letter beings to light what is perhaps the greatest corruption of all, the no-show job loophole.

An Excerpt:

“To the Editor:

Re “Another Albany Leader Must Go” (editorial, May 5):

In all the editorializing and rending of garments regarding the recent arrest of the New York Senate majority leader, Dean Skelos, no ink was spilled on what is perhaps the greatest corruption of all: that a no-show law firm job is perfectly legal.

In both the Sheldon Silver and the Skelos cases, public officials were paid millions by law firms to essentially do no work. But with millions on the line, would legislators do anything in Albany to jeopardize that income? Would they pass any laws that might upset their employers?”

Read Full Letter Here

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