For Immediate Release: New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association Announces Contingency Fairness Fee Proposal



April 1, 2015

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ben Suinlotz

New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association Announces Contingency Fairness Fee Proposal

(Albany) – Today, the New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association (NYSPILA) announced a new initiative to enhance access to justice for all New Yorkers. The proposal, dubbed “Contingency Fairness Fee” is aimed at boosting the number of lawsuits filed and growing the number of personal injury lawyers in the state.

A cornerstone of the initiative is a call to raise attorneys’ fees from 33% to a flat 90%. NYSPILA president Ben Suinlotz praised the measure as a way to promote access to justice. “For many lawyers, 33% simply isn’t enough. Many of our members have been forced to turn away dubious cases simply because they didn’t think they could get enough money in the end.”

At the heart of NYSPILA’s initiative is their commitment to litigation as a cure for all human ills. “The lawsuit, as a tool for economic development, is sorely under-used here in New York,” said Suinlotz. “It’s really the perfect way to solve any dispute. Every New Yorker, with the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, should consider it their civic duty to sue for any and every accident, mishap, or inconvenience – as long as they give the lawyer their cut.”

NYSPILA, which represents nearly 10,000 New York personal injury attorneys, said their initiative will help end the state’s “crippling” lawyer shortage. “Sure, we’ve got the most lawyers of any state. But we can always do better. I’d like to see two, three, hopefully even four times as many lawyers by the end of the decade. Allowing lawyers to collect a reasonable 90% fee is an important step toward achieving that goal,” Suinlotz explained.

NYSPILA’s president also urged readers to contact his law office if they or a loved one has suffered any injury or misfortune. “It doesn’t matter how minor – I can practically guarantee you a cash settlement!”

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The New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association (NYSPILA) is a completely biased for-their-own-profit association of personal injury lawyers dedicated to creating imbalance in New York’s civil justice system and increasing the opportunities to file jackpot justice lawsuits. They also hate puppies. This entire release is complete satire.

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