Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, March 2015 – Restaurant Sued for Sizzling Hot Fajitas

This month, Phoebe Stonbely will discuss an outrageous lawsuit from New Jersey. Hiram Jimenez, a New Jersey man, was visiting an Applebee’s in 2010 and ordered steak fajitas which, as advertised, were delivered to him on a sizzling hot skillet. Before enjoying their meal, the plaintiff and his brother bowed their heads to pray. Jimenez bowed his head directly over his sizzling hot plate resulting in burns from splattering grease – the shock lead to him knocking his plate into his lap causing further injuries.

So what did Jimenez do? He filed a lawsuit against Applebee’s claiming that the hot skillet was “a dangerous and hazardous condition” and alleged that he sustained serious and permanent personal injuries.


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