New York Law Journal: Speaker’s Arrest Prompts Calls for Change and Patience

In response to Speaker Silver’s arrest yesterday, the New York Law Journal ran an article today highlighting the facts of the situation and recording reactions from many, including LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.


An excerpt:

“Tom Stebbins, the director of a business-supported Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, said Silver’s five-count criminal complaint suggests Silver’s role as a personal injury lawyer could have prevented him from allowing scaffold law reforms to be considered.

“It seems that Speaker Silver was opposing things like scaffold or asbestos transparency reform in part for the payments from Weitz & Luxenberg and not what was good for the people of the state of New York,” Stebbins said in an interview. “He was the roadblock to a lot of these reforms.”

Stebbins said his group, which is allied with the Business Council, the Partnership for New York City and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, favors distributing liability in instances where workers are injured in falls from heights, or are hurt by falling objects, in proportion to the fault that can be ascribed to worker, contractor or construction site owner.”

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