LRANY Executive Director Statement in Response to Brooklyn Elected Officials


“We applaud Senator Squadron, Assemblyman Lentol, and Borough President Adams on their call for steeper penalties for trespassing at New York’s landmarks and infrastructure projects. However, the greater problem is that those criminals can sue the City if they are injured while trespassing. Only in New York and California can a trespasser sue a property owner for injuries incurred while trespassing.

This is not only a burden for New York City and municipalities statewide, but also a burden to every property owner in the state of New York who pays higher insurance costs due to potential lawsuits by criminal trespassers.

We urge the Senator and Assemblyman to support common sense Trespasser Responsibility legislation to indemnify New York property owners against lawsuits from flagrant trespassers.”

Tom Stebbins

Execuitve Director

Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York

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