Glens Falls Post Star: Medical Premiums Hurt By Lawsuits

medicalToday, the Glens Falls Post Star published a letter written by LRANY’s Scott W. Hobson in response to a recent piece by Dr. Sean Dow calling for medical malpractice reform (Malpractice reform will help us all 8.4.14).

An excerpt:


In his recent commentary, “Malpractice reform will help us all” on Aug. 5, Dr. Dow elucidated the problems plaguing our medical liability system as only one with first-hand experience could.

In our notoriously litigious country, New York bears the dubious distinction of being the worst of the worst. According to the most recent data, New York’s per capita medical malpractice payouts are the highest in the nation by an astounding margin — more than three times the national average, and almost double that of the next highest state. Our state now accounts for 20 percent of all payouts in the nation.”

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