Statement from LRANY Executive Director Regarding the Rockefeller Institute’s Scaffold Law Study

A statement in response to the Times Union article regarding the Rockefeller Institute’s Scaffold Law Study.

“Facts are facts – and the facts show that the Scaffold Law causes injuries and costs millions – likely billions – in public infrastructure dollars. All of this data is publicly available and publicly verifiable. Those who oppose Scaffold Law reform offer no data that supports their position, because that data does not exist – so they instead attack the researchers.

In addition to the Rockefeller Institute study, several public institutions, including the Port Authority and School Construction Authority (SCA), have publicly disclosed hundreds of millions in costs related to Scaffold Law. Thousands of New York City school kids are forced to attend class in trailers adjacent to their overcrowded schools because the SCA simply cannot afford the insurance necessary to finance new construction due to the outdated, only-in-New-York anachronism that is the Scaffold Law.

It is clear that the special interests who profit from the 130-year old relic will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo, regardless of the collateral damage.”

Tom Stebbins
Executive Director
Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York 

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