Newsday – Letter: Scaffold Law Unfairly Penalizes Employers

Scaffold WorkerThis week, Newsday published a letter written by LRANY Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins in response to a letter calling to keep the Scaffold Law as it is.

An excerpt:

“In an argument in favor of New York’s notorious scaffold law, a letter writer says his accident proves the law is necessary [“Scaffold law still much needed,” July 18]. If anything, accidents like his show why the law needs to be fixed.

The scaffold law holds contractors and property owners 100 percent liable, even if they were only 1 percent at fault. My organization, and many others — including the New York State School Boards Association, Habitat for Humanity and the New York State Conference of Mayors — seek to reform the law to make liability proportional to fault. This is how it is done in every other state and every other aspect of our civil justice system.”

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