New York Post: Standing Up to Shelly

nypbox_twitterJust last week, the New York Post published two letters to the editor side by side in response to a recent article featuring LRANY’s concern of Speaker Sheldon Silver’s outside income (Watchdog Wary of Sheldon Silver’s Income From Law Firm, 7.8.14).

One letter was from LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, correcting a misleading statement from the Speaker’s spokesman who said LRANY is trying to “take away the rights of ordinary citizens [to sue]” – Stebbins fired back, “that couldn’t be farther from the truth… .”  The other letter was written by a LRANY grassroots supporter and a familiar name, Collette McLafferty.  You may remember, she is the woman who was recently sued for $10 million for singing in a P!nk cover band.  McLafferty defended LRANY against Silver’s spokesman’s words saying they are “merely to draw attention away from Silver himself.”

We want to thank Ms. McLafferty for making her voice heard on this subject and supporting our organization.  We encourage others to follow her brave steps, action is the first step to change.  Get involved today!

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