Troy Record: Overcoming Physician Shortage Overdue, Challenging

doctor stethoscope medicalLast Friday, the Troy Record published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Phoebe Stonbely in response to a recent report noting a significant physician shortage in New York.  This growing problem is far from a new one and we must act to stop the flow of medical professionals out of our state.

An excerpt:

“We applaud Sen. Schumer for proposing legislation to address New York’s doctor shortage (6/4/14 Troy Record: “Bill proposed by Sen. Charles Schumer addresses state’s shortage of primary care physicians”). The shortfall of doctors in New York is hardly a new problem; it has been a growing epidemic for decades, fueled in large part by a surplus of lawyers and inaction of the legislature in addressing the medical liability crisis faced by our state.

Doctors practicing in New York face a significantly higher risk of being sued than they would in other states, resulting in inordinate medical liability insurance premiums — so expensive in fact, that New York’s taxpayers pay more than $120 million annually to subsidize the cost, not because we have bad doctors but because we have bad laws.”

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