Syracuse Post Standard: Bar Stool Lawsuit No Laughing Matter for New York Business

bar stoolThe Syracuse Post Standard recently posted a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, in response to a $1 million lawsuit filed against a Syracuse hotel after a woman fell off of a bar stool.

An Excerpt:

“To the Editor;

New York’s justice system is once again the subject of international scorn for a lawsuit filed right here in Syracuse. As the Post Standard reported, a women is suing the Crowne Plaza Hotel for $1 million because she fell off a bar stool (Woman suing Syracuse hotel for $1 million after falling off bar stool, injuring wrist) – which, according to her, is obviously the hotel’s fault.

It’s easy to laugh at this type of lawsuit but lawsuits like this are a disaster for our economy and culture. New York is ranked highest in the nation for litigation risk and we have more lawyers per capita than any other state.”

Read Full Letter

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