LRANY Statement on Cuomo Calling Trial Lawyers “Most Powerful” in Albany

See response below from LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, in response to Governor Cuomo stating that , “the trial lawyers are the single most powerful political force in Albany,” in a Crain’s piece released today (


Governor Cuomo claims that “you can’t change” the Scaffold Law, but little change comes to those who do not have the courage to try. Mr. Cuomo failed to include Scaffold Law reform in his budget, even after the law was shown to cost taxpayers $785m per year, while making worksites more dangerous. Governor Cuomo failed to champion Scaffold Law reform even after the NYC School Construction Authority and New York School Boards Association estimated the law costs schools $300 million annually.

Governor Cuomo says, “the trial lawyers are the single most powerful political force in Albany.” With his comment, Mr. Cuomo has demonstrated that the greatest political force in Albany is certainly not him, or our duly elected representatives, but the big money interests of trial lawyers. Governor Cuomo cannot claim New York is “open for business” while he continues to let trial lawyers bar the door.

Tom Stebbins
Executive Director
Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York

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