The Buffalo News, Letter: Medical Liability Reform Will Ease Doctor Shortage

doctorToday,  The Buffalo News published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas Stebbins, which targets New York’s medical liability crisis as a key factor in the looming doctor shortage our state is facing.

An Excerpt:

“Kudos to The News for reporting on the doctor shortage in upstate and Western New York. Unfortunately, the article cited “experts” saying that the reason we are facing a doctor shortage is that upstate New York lacks “amenities” and has “brutal winter weather.”

As upstaters, we know that this area is a wonderful area to live, with plenty of amenities that cannot be found anywhere else.

The real reason that doctors are not choosing upstate New York is the astronomical cost of lawsuits and medical liability insurance. New York’s medical liability payouts are the highest in the nation – more than three times the national average.”

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