For Immediate Release: Lawyers Release “Super Value” Menu

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.01.23 AMAlbany, NY — Suing everyone is a popular New York pastime, so in an effort to simplify lawsuits for the general public, today the New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association released a “Lawsuit Super Value Menu.” 

“The menu is designed to showcase the many, many opportunities to file profitable lawsuits in New York,” said NYSPILA spokesperson, Stewart Swindle. “Even volunteer organizations and municipal governments have money, and our members are standing by to help you take that money. Sure, you pay for it in higher taxes, fewer jobs and higher cost of living, but you will be slip-and-falling all the way to the bank.”

The menu includes five lawsuits that NYSPILA promises are “cheap to file” and “easy to collect!” In addition, the menu offers profitable sides like “Junk Science” and “Loss of Consortium” in order to inflate settlements. 

The menu can be accessed here: 

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