Study Finds New York’s “Scaffold Law” Causes Injuries and Costs Billions

scaffold-law-reform-new-york-state-reduce-injuryA piece written by Crain’s New York Business today marked the release of a study with ground breaking research which found that the antiquated Scaffold Law actually causes injuries while costing billions of dollars – countering the oppositions key argument to keep the law.

“For years, construction executives and real estate developers have insisted that an arcane New York state law that foists the liability for construction accidents solely on the builder has dramatically driven up the cost of construction insurance and even hurt worker safety. Now the laws opponents say they have proof of its ill effects on both the industry and economy.

A study conducted jointly by Cornell University Department of Policy Analysis & Management and SUNY’s Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, and was paid for by the nonprofit New York Civil Justic Institute concluded that the law had resulted in more accidents and cost the construction and real estate industries billions of dollars.

The study found that New York state has 667 more construction accidents per year on average because of the rule, and that it incurs as much as $3 billion a year in additional costs.”

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