Times Union: Dismantle Scaffold Law to Help Fund Education

This Sunday, the Albany Times Union shared a letter to the editor written by LRANY Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, addressing recent lawmakers calling for additional education funding and pointing to reform of the ‘Scaffold Law’ as a source for those funds.

An excerpt:

“The 83 Democratic lawmakers who recently called for additional education funding (“Big boost in aid urged,” Jan. 14) could find at least $400 million of the $1.9 billion they seek by passing a simple reform.

According to the New York City School Construction Authority, at least $400 million earmarked for school construction will be wasted over the next three years because of the so-called “Scaffold Law.” And that’s just in New York City. Statewide, that figure could easily more than double.

The Scaffold Law only exists in New York, and it does not necessarily have to do with scaffolding. Written in 1880, the law holds contractors and property owners (in this case, schools) absolutely liable in lawsuits, even if they were not primarily at fault.”

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