Fox News: Frivolous Lawsuits in New York City

Fox Friv Lawsuits NYC - TomLast night Fox 5 News aired a segment entitled “Frivolous Lawsuits in New York City” featuring LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.  The story discussed the problem that New York City faces with frivolous lawsuits and how these cases are clogging our court and draining the pockets of hard working taxpayers.

Highlighting cases such as the ‘220 Pound Teacher Sues Over Assault by 1st Grader‘ and ‘Porky Prisoner Suing for $1 Million, Claims Unfit Apparel is Need for Shrink‘,  the news story shows how these cases are adding to the hundreds of millions the city spend on lawsuits annually.  See video below.



Fox Friv Lawsuits NYC

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