I Lost Power, You Owe Me $500 million!

By: Michael Seinberg

Just when you think you’ve seen selfishness set a record, someone manages to break it. In the case of Staten Island Lawyer Robert Prignoli, he has filed a $500 million suit against Con-Ed because after Super Storm Sandy left the Northeast in ruins, he was without power for some 17 days. It gets better though.

At a time when NYC and NYS are struggling to get funds to help those who lost everything, Prignoli will clog the courts with this suit and Con-Ed will waste money fighting it. And here’s the best part: His home was undamaged. You read that right. According to published reports, the house is in Zone A for hurricane evacuations but sustained no damage, no basement flooding and no exterior damage. None.

What has him so angry is that in his pricey Annandale neighborhood, which features buried utilities (no poles to get knocked over), he claims his house and one other were the very last to get their power back. He and his family were forced to stay with friends and he got at least 6 different dates from Con-Ed before finally getting the power back. “It’s an enormous amount of time,” Prignoli told DNAinfo.com New York. “It’s an extreme disruption to my family. We had to abandon the house.” Never mind that others were without power for longer and will be without houses possibly forever. By the way, after doing the math, Prignoli is asking for $29.4 million per day for the 17 days he was without power. That’s one heck of a refund demand.

But it gets even better. He also wants Con-Ed to be permanently banned from supplying power in NYS ever again. “Con Edison does not deserve to be in the electric power supply business since it is inept at every level,” Prignoli said in an affidavit. He’s also suing National Grid USA, Con-Ed’s parent company and the New York State Public Service Commission. No word on whether God is named in the suit for causing the storm in the first place.

The sheer audacity of the suit and the fact that it was filed by a wealthy attorney representing himself says volumes about where he’s coming from. It also shows the amazing set of blinders he’s wearing as he drives through devastated neighborhoods every day to and from his fully intact house. This suit needs to be thrown out for the sanctity of our civil justice system, and as for Prignoli, he could certainly use an in-depth lesson in humility.

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