Hurricane Sandy Litigation Round-Up

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those impacted by the horrible events of Hurricane Sandy. To all the first responders, members of the armed forces, and good Samaritans across the state, we express our deepest appreciation for your courage and sacrifice.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is only a matter of time before the storm of litigation begins. With damages expected to exceed $50 billion, state and city taxpayers are certain to bear additional costs as local governments brace for a surge of storm-related lawsuits.

During the course of the storm, a construction crane attached to a luxury high rise building snapped under the severe winds and remains suspended precariously a thousand feet above the streets of Manhattan; Business Insider predicts lawsuits over lost business by nearby businesses which were evacuated. A CNBC video shows footage of the crane collapse and asks when the “blame game” will start foreseeing an “avalanche” of lawsuits following this disaster. Another video from Fox news asks what crazy multi-million dollar lawsuits will come from this tragedy.

Fortunately, those in need of an outrageously high-interest loan to finance a jackpot lawsuit are in luck: at least one lawsuit lender is still up and running, and was quick to put out an “alert” that their services were not interrupted.

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