Exporting the Love: Lawsuits in China

By: Michael Seinberg

In a case that would make a New York trial attorney proud, a man in Northern China has successfully divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 for being ugly. Yes indeed, in what should be termed a case of false advertising, Jian Feng married his wife and was quite happy. Then disaster struck after the birth of the couple’s daughter.

When presented with his new baby, Feng took one look and declared his own offspring unbearably ugly. He felt the baby resembled neither him nor his wife. At first, he assumed his wife had cheated, but the plot thickens. Feng determined that the ugly duckling was indeed his child, but it turns out his wife wasn’t quite what she claimed to be.  It came out that Feng’s wife spent $100,000 on what was termed “intense” plastic surgery to change her appearance before Feng met her.

A published story shows before and after pictures and you have to give the plastic surgeon credit on this one. The judge examined the evidence and agreed with Feng that the wife got him to marry her under false pretenses. He granted a divorce and awarded Feng $120,000. The real question now is whether he’ll keep custody and use his windfall to beautify the baby or just walk away and start fresh.  Or perhaps he should invest now in the counseling that this child will likely need when she grows up – thanks to the detrimental psychological effect this lawsuit will inevitably have.

If this is the state of “justice” in China, then I would like to formally suggest that the crooked trial lawyers board a plane, ship, or submarine as soon as possible and set up shop in China. With their decades of experience and 1 billion plus people to sue, they will be happily working round the clock 6,000 miles away, and our overburdened court system can finally get back to real business.

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