Newsday: Use Tappan Zee to Rid NY of Bad Law

Yesterday, Newsday shared a letter written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, in response to the news that the Tappan Zee replacement project is now eligible for federal funding.  He highlights a major issue which has been looked over in the process: the ‘Scaffold Law’.

“While Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo‘s announcement of a panel of artists and architects to review the new Tappan Zee Bridge should be applauded [“New bridge could dazzle,” Editorial, Sept. 20], the governor should talk with his own policy experts about how reforming one law could save hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars.

Labor Law 240/241, also known as the scaffold law, holds contractors and property owners (and in this case, the state and taxpayers) automatically liable for elevation-related injuries, even if the worker was intoxicated or ignoring safety training.”

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  1. John Munson
    John Munson says:

    LaborLaw 240 may have originally been necessary; but, today it has become a gravy train for the attorney’s. This law’s strict liability is single handedly destroying small business and most contractor existence. Its costing all of us millions in awards. We believe that some change allowing comparitive negligence would help to offset the rising cost associated to all of us in all walks of life.
    No one wants to see an employee seriously hurt. Our safety laws in place with OSHA, NY State and most recently NY City DOB provide a worker with proper traing, equipment and engineering of all operations in construction.
    This law goes beyond logic and by its use is raisng the cost of insurance to a level that now tips the scales.
    We need reform and we need it fast. Jobs and lives are at stake.


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