Coalition Presents NYS Thruway Authority With Major Cost Saving Measure: Scaffold Law Reform

For Immediate Release: This week, a coalition of advocacy groups representing small and large businesses, developers, insurers, builders, contractors, and taxpayers issued a joint letter to the Chairman and Director of the New York State Thruway Authority asking for their support in working with the governor and state lawmakers to reform New York’s “Scaffold Law.”

The law, which exists only in New York, was first enacted in 1885. It holds contractors and property owners automatically fully liable in lawsuits arising from gravity-related injuries, even when the worker’s negligence was a contributing factor in the injury. The coalition advocates for reforming the law to allow liability to be determined according to each party’s proportion of fault. They note the proposed changes would not restrict an injured worker’s ability to sue for injuries, limit the amount they can recover, or eliminate any existing safety standards.

Read Full Press Release

Read Joint Letter

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